we can dance without choreographing

we can choreograph without dancing
to choreograph and dance, we need to memorize and forget
we can capture life by filming life
once filmed, the moments of life become memories

when a gesture is not saved, it can disappear
the archive is a memory of gestures, words, sounds, images
the images can be psychic and unrepresentable
these are the most powerful images
the texts contain thoughts
thoughts are extended
the expanses are horizontal
ideas do not make pieces but ideas can open horizons and revolution
ideas and gestures concern the body
the archive allows to remember
to memorize an archive
we need to decipher it

there is always a gap between archive and decryption
the gap constitutes a translation
repetition creates change
deciphering a gesture makes it possible to memorize and repeat it
choreographing negotiates with the disappearance of the living

to dialogue with the ghosts, one can set up rituals
a spectator can watch a ritual but a ritual does not always need the spectator
a ritual is a way to get through fatigue
Fatigue is a way to approach death
Feeling death is a way of bringing life to life