We are a naked place
Made up of thresholds and borders
like fire or forest.

We are stretched towards sound
Sound revolves around us

We are a foamy, broad and active sea
we are the different moments of the rise of a wave and we control our descent

we are part of a common geometry
we look for the hollows and live in them

What's that background noise? What is the texture of our gestures? Those prior to the articulation of the language. What is this matter that is born from behind our ears, from behind our eardrums? She flows from behind our skull and spreads before our eyes. This wave comes out of a pine forest or comes from far away in a frozen desert. This is also what keeps us standing with energy of the dawn while allowing us the luxury of the fall, the relentless search for equilibrium, the lodge of the circle. This matter is that of joy and solation.

It is this background noise that we intend to explore in a circular device for large platters made up of mirrored metal plates, materials of a sound and spectral reflection. Drawing an ambulatory and vibratory space, this installation is created and activated by the sound creator Jean-Francois Laporte and the choreographer and dancer Benjamin Bertrand, accompanied by the musicians of the instrumental ensemble Ars Nova. 


Ars Nova / Ensemble instrumental


Fèvrier 2019 | PREMIÈRE | EN COURS
Mars 2019 | Théâtre auditorium de Poitiers