Inside your bones is a “Œuvre-espace” by Quebec composer Jean-François Laporte, composed of 12 vibrating metal plates and activated by the four musicians of the Ars Nova instrumental ensemble (Mathilde Comoy-Trombone Basse, Eric Lamberger-Clarinette Basse, Jacques Charles-Saxophone Baryton and Jacques Tresallet-Alto) and the French choreographer/dancer Benjamin Bertrand.

Inside your bones plunges the listener into the heart of a sound ceremony made of resonances and vibrations. In duo with their vibrating plate, the four musicians surround the audience and unfold a mass of sounds whose form unfolds, spreads and flows before vanishing silently. Here, polyphony is based on a principle of simplicity rather than structural complexity, on a total timbre, hiding, behind its imposing density, incredibly animated units.

In this immersive device, the performers' bodies compose the sound score by the same listening state. The main tool of the Inside your bones performer is his ear: it dictates the gestures that will allow the sounds to reach their maximum development. Stretched towards the sound, the dancer's body evolves like a magnetic membrane between the musicians and the audience. Like metal plates, he lets himself be crossed by sound energy, breathes its frequencies to transmit them through his bones and palms, interprets a joy and a complaint that arise from the bottom of the sound.

As a direct witness to this sharing of breaths between the performers and the sound material, the audience is invited at the centre of this perceptive ritual to live a common experience, united in the same tribe by "the encompassing" and the moment of the place.


Ars Nova / Ensemble instrumental

Fèvrier 2019 | PREMIERE - EN COURS
Mars 2019 | Théâtre auditorium de Poitiers